Our History

A timeline highlighting the journey that Tyr has taken over the years to get to where it is today!

The Journey

A leading litigation firm on the move, Tyr's rapid growth has seen us relocate from a funky, tiny glass cube to a beautiful brick and beam space with a creative vibe and warm environment. This is the path that got us here.

May 2019

A New Firm is Founded

A couple of "Jims" and another partner from Davies decided to venture forth to start their own firm.

Jun 2019

The Name: Tyr LLP

After great debate, the partners of the new firm agree that the firm should not be named Bunting Campbell Doris (a.k.a. BCD LLP). Instead, the partners decide that the firm's name should reflect its collaborative and team-oriented approach, committed to offering a new type of legal platform for exceptional advocates.

The partners land on Tyr, an ancient Nordic god. More about Tyr and the name selection here. Those reasons aside, we greatly appreciate the number of ways this name can be (and is) mispronounced: Everything from T… Y… R… to tire.

Tyr logo
Jun 2019

The Cube

With no office space, Tyr LLP scrambles for a home that befits its philosophy. We land in a shared workspace with an industrial feel, lots of glass and very little room. Rapid growth has us soon looking for a new space.

The Cube
Summer / Fall 2019

The Law Talkers

Recognizing that none of the founding partners actually know much about the law, Tyr LLP commits to finding brilliant lawyers who do. With what can only be described as the luck of the Irish, the founding partners are privileged to welcome three partners to the firm's ranks in the first few months: Anisah Hassan, Carlos Sayao and Michael O'Brien. With the core team in place, Tyr LLP is ready to litigate.

Anisah, Carlos, Michael
Dec 2019

The Pinta

Tyr wholeheartedly welcomes Pinta Maguire to the firm. Pinta is a talented commercial litigator from a leading Bay Street firm who has shifted her practice to focus on regulatory and medical negligence cases. Pinta leads the firm's medical malpractice group, ensuring that medical professionals are held accountable.

The Pinta
Feb 2020

The Second Office

With exceptional clairvoyance, Tyr LLP signs a three-year lease in February 2020 for the top floor of a building on John Street. One month later, the world is turned upside down after someone catches a cold. Our new office is not to be.

second office
Spring / Summer 2020

The Pandemic Months

Tyr's pre-existing hybrid work model makes for a relatively smooth transition to WFH, despite its growing team of now ten lawyers. Tyr functions well remotely for many months, conducting multiple complex commercial arbitrations.

The lawyers at Tyr did of course learn a few things about remote working: (i) turn your cat filter off before appearing before the court; and (ii) if you forget to turn off your cat filter, clearly and articulately explain to the Judge that you are not, despite appearances, a cat. We also unanimously agree that virtual social events are less social and enjoyable. Mostly, we learn Jim Doris needs a live audience to perform his magic tricks (do not ask — we will never tell).

I am not a cat
Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

The Cold Storage Unit

With the lifting of pandemic restrictions, Tyr takes possession of its new office space. After investing time and money ordering furniture and kitting out this fabulous new space, we learn that the HVAC system does not work. Like at all. This makes for balmy fall and winter temperatures in the office of 12-15 degrees — a less than perfect work environment. As we move into Spring, we are surprised to see the office temperature soar to 28 degrees with 70% humidity. Sigh. The hunt for a new office is on.

cold storage
Spring 2021

The Boss

Recognizing that the firm needs proper management and guidance (what, after the cold storage debacle), Tyr is thrilled to have Maneli Badii join the firm as Managing Partner. A former partner in corporate commercial practice at a leading Bay Street firm and an expert working with legal talent, Maneli immediately enhances and amplifies everything Tyr… well, excluding the founding partners. There is nothing that can be done with those three.

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

The Wellington

We sign a new lease for a fantastic two-winged building on Wellington Street in the heart of the entertainment district. This space speaks for itself, attracting more exceptional lawyers to the Tyr team.

Jan 2022

The Homecoming

Jason Wadden leaves a leading litigation firm to join team Tyr in what can only be described as a homecoming. Jay worked with all of the founding partners early on in his practice at Davies and was the teaching assistant at law school for one of the firm's founding partners, making Jay at least partly responsible for that founding partner's lack of legal training. Jay strengthens the firm's corporate commercial practice and adds expertise in the areas of creditor rights, distressed companies and insolvency.

Fall 2022

Mexico City

With a team of now 20 talented lawyers, Tyr heads off to Mexico City on its first firm retreat. A lovely adventure that includes breakfast tacos, lunch tacos and dinner tacos… and of course dessert burritos. There is also an interesting dinner at a steakhouse/night club/what the heck is this place venue. And, of course, we cannot forget Lucha Libre (is that a masked Jay Wadden flying off the top rope?).

Lucha Wadden
Infinity and Beyond

The Future

We do not take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about litigation. Tyr is committed to delivering excellent advocacy to clients across a diverse range of areas. If you are interested in learning more about us, you can take a look at our areas of Expertise, or if you are interested in working at Tyr, you can find more information here.