Tyr Sports

Sports Dispute Resolution Services

Tyr's sports lawyers have been lead counsel on landmark sport cases involving anti-doping violations, equality and inclusion and civil claims arising from international investigations. When not working on headline cases, our team of sports lawyers operate a strong and diverse practice, achieving successful outcomes across a range of sporting disputes such as team selection issues, governance disputes and issues of safe sport/maltreatment within sporting organizations.

The areas in which Tyr Sports provides legal advice and representation include:

  • Anti-Doping Disputes
  • Disciplinary Matters for Leagues, Clubs, Teams, Players and Coaches
  • Discrimination Claims (including on the basis of sex or gender)
  • E-Sports related Legal Matters
  • Football (Soccer) related Legal Matters
  • Formula 1 related Legal Matters
  • International and Domestic Sports Arbitration
  • Safe Sport Investigations and Disputes
  • Sport Governance Disputes
  • Team Selection and Eligibility Disputes
  • Team Transfers Assistance

Areas of Practice

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