Opinion on European Super League Provided to the European Court of Justice

In a press release on December 15, 2022, Advocate General of the European Union Athanasios Rantos released an opinion proposing solutions to the legal issues of the European Super League Company case.

The case revolves around whether UEFA and FIFA's actions against parties attempting to organize a European Super League independent of UEFA are in breach of EU law. The Super League has argued that UEFA and FIFA have an abusive monopoly on the organization of international football competitions at both the club and national team level. On the other hand, UEFA's lawyers argued that a closed or even semi-closed super league was a textbook example of a cartel.

Advocate General Rantos highlighted the specific nature of European sports governance and concluded that the rules and sanction regimes put in place by UEFA do not infringe EU law. The Advocate General's Opinion is not binding on the Court. The judges of the Court are expected to deliver their decision in the coming months.