Court of Arbitration for Sport Accepts Eligibility of Ecuadorian Footballer Byron Castillo

On November 22, 2022, the CAS issued its decision in regard to Ecuadorian footballer Byron Castillo's extended eligibility proceedings. The CAS found the Federacion Ecuatoriana de Futbol (“FEF”) was liable for the use of documents with false information. The sanctions, in line with the FIFA Disciplinary Code, include a 3-point deduction at the next edition of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers and a fine of CHF 100,000.

Despite the Panel's findings of breaches of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and the sanctions placed on Ecuador, the Panel did not find any breach on the eligibility rules for Mr. Castillo, who was determined eligible to play. Despite the decision, the FEF decided not to count with Mr. Castillo's services for the World Cup competition.